The best dining tables you can buy

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If natural fiber furniture transports you to your grandparents' lake property dating back to the 1960s - or, for example, your intercontinental trip, a trip to Singapore or Bangkok - you're probably warm, the decoration of the house of this organic fiber comes back. Use it indoors or outdoors, in standard homes or people with a mid-century The best dining modern side. Whether in the dining room, in the bedroom, in the family room or in the veranda - or even in accessories such as trays, coasters or baskets - natural fibers, as well as other fibers organic as walking stick and herbarium, will not coaster home furnishings 5 piece dining set miss the style before. Thibaut's Cyrus Stick wallcovering is likely to give any room a feeling of a little longer summer season. Understand it in this ruby, a treadmill of half a dozen other colors navy, dull, barrier, aqua, gold or reminder. $ 52 per single rotation LayoutProperty A steel ring enhances Colette d'Aerin roller coaster arranged in stitched walking sticks. The four groups of the owner of the cane, if they are not used by you or by your guests. Set of four, $ 285 aerin. com Reveal the Aerin Typhoon Walking Lamp for the summer season, or keep it busy for 12 months throughout your day at home. The additional 8-inch cup container is installed in the elegant walking stick and steel base. $ 375 aerin. com Influenced by the famous property of American businessman and builder John Thompson in Bangkok, the Siam credenza is made from organic raffia protected by layers of brilliant blue peacock lacquer, all enclosed in blackened mahogany. Only two dollars, 995 stores Jonathan Adler and Jonathan Adler. com The doors of this Absent furniture, in the mobile phone industry, are protected by a cane and are filled with breathtaking steel components.

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